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Foggy Brain

Every one of us has noticed like having a foggy brain. Such a state may be caused by many reasons including a hangover, lack of sleep, or an illness. It means that a brain refuses to work to the fullest. But brain fog can be sometimes frightening. Some people feel like they're moving underwater. It is more than physical and mental fatigue. The world lives at a normal speed, but your life has stopped or slowed down. You experience difficulty thinking and focusing, you tend to forget important things. What causes brain fog? The reason may lie in dysfunction of the body that prevents the brain from getting the necessary nutrients. It can be associated with autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation, poor diet, fluoride accumulation, heavy metal toxicity, vitamin deficiencies, etc.

Mental performance sometimes suffers even in young and healthy people. You might feel like sleepy even though you have slept enough at night. You may be very tired even doing nothing special. What causes such a state? The main reason for it is mental of physical exhaustion. You may have been working or studying hard lately. Maybe you have been subjected to constant stresses or working in a stuffy room for long hours. You may need some rest but you continue being active.

To function properly our brain needs three main things: food, sleep, and healthy environment. But if you are chronically in the state of "depression" it may be the sigh that you need to change your way of life. Have you noticed that you make other "simple errors,"mis-speak, forget or lose things, begin to fall asleep, feel hesitant or fearful? To overcome such a condition you may use the following steps. Start exercising, detoxify your body of toxins and heavy metals, eat right and finally use supplements.

One of the most effective brain-enhancing supplements is Cogx. It is said to improve your concentration by 312% as it was backed by a study. Other benefits include rising energy levels, boosting overall memory, improving concentration and your IQ by 77%. Like other high-rate supplements for improving cognitive functions available on the market, Cogx has a nootropic formula. It claims to effectively maintain healthy neurotransmitters in a safe way.

Cogx is made by a company with the same name Cogx in the United States of America. That company is located at the following address in the state of Wyoming: 690 S Hwy 89 Ste 200; Jackson, WY 83001.

Cogx is manufactured by a reputable American company and intends to reverse cognitive problems associated with aging, improve the way your brain works, and enhance your focus and concentration. It's high time to talk about the supplement's ingredients.

The first ingredient is Phosphatidylserine which is known for its diverse benefits. It works best of all in improving mental performance. Omega 3 is another ingredient that is responsible for boosting good mood and positivity. And if you are in good mood you are always active and ready to do new things and achieve goals. This component has been studied in terms of its neuroprotective qualities.

The third ingredient of Cogx is Phosphatidylcholine which metabolizes acetylcholine, the so called "learning" neurotransmitter. Bacopa Monnieri possesses anti-oxidant properties and is able to enhance cognition, regulate serotonin release and increase cerebral blood flow. This ingredient has been deeply researched and is confirmed for its benefits. It is a natural herbal compound that significantly improves cognitive function.

Tyrosine contributes into the health of human brain by encouraging the release of neurotransmitters for mental alertness. This nutrient helps your brain to remain awoke and sober. L-Theanine is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that avoids over-excitement and supports your focus. At the same time it promotes relaxation and decreases stress for better concentration.

Rhodiola Rosea is also a natural ingredient that assists proper functioning of neurotransmission, boosts overall well-being and test scores by reducing symptoms of stress. It provides healthy cognition and removes both physical and mental fatigue. Vinpocetine enhances ATP (cellular) energy production by helping the brain to use glucose.

Huperzine A inhibits acetylcholinesterase, an enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine and is essential for the proper memory functioning. In this way, your short-term and long-term memory is significantly improved and your learning performance is boosted to raise your productivity levels.

All the ingredients of Cogx are beneficial and prove to be effective. They have been studied in many numerous researches described in certain magazines. These are all natural ingredients and can be sold separately in their own supplements. By purchasing Cogx, you get an opportunity to consume all of the ingredients at a time.

Probably, everyone of us is worried about the possibility of side effects when buying a new supplement. Speaking about Cogx it should be mentioned that most users confirm they have never felt any negative effect after using this brain boosting supplement. The product contains natural substances which cannot have an ill effect on the human health. However, you will need to take the supplement quite a while before experiencing positive effects.

A lot of users who were taking the capsules continuously noticed that their critical thinking improved. They became able to ignore emotional and mental distractions. Many people tell about the amazing result of Cogx. Besides, the product and its separate ingredients have been studied in a scientific setting. One can find extensive information printed at the main sales page of the supplement.

Cogx offers many benefits, for example, it helps your brain to perform better if you are subjected to stress or have overworked lately. The product has been developed in an FDA Licensed Lab which means that this supplement is safe and promising. Even if you don't have any mental issues at present you may take Cogx in order to prevent it. Each person is in the group of risk, that's why prevention is much better than treatment.

Cogx is a natural and effective brain-enhancing supplement that works where it is necessary. The product makes it easier to concentrate and focus on important information; it guarantees that your brain works consistently and correctly and speeds up the process of processing some data. Besides, Cogx fights memory problems connected with elderly age, improves oxidation of the brain and blood flow in the whole body and brain, and helps to neutralize negative effects of stress.

This product is manufactured by a prestigious organization. The label over its bottle contains information on daily dosages. Regular use of Cogx will help you to enjoy all the above mentioned benefits. According to some US labs, the supplement is side effect free. The effect, however, comes not on the first day of usage. Most people notice better mental aptitude in a few weeks. But in reality your brain feels improvement in already thirty minutes.

Cogx offers a lot of advantages to its users. You'll see the rise in your obsession power and memory level. Thinking will no longer be a difficult process for you. Your brain's health will be improved more and more with each next day due to the natural components. The supplement helps to open one's brain potential, to reduce blood pressure and add more energy. Even though the product doesn't work immediately it has long lasting effects and even improves state in patients with Alzheimer's. What is more important is that Cogx has no side effects.

However, there are some disadvantages about Cogx. It should not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as those under 18. The product's ingredients effectively work individually and in nootropic stacks. Taking into consideration all pros and cons of this supplement I can recommend Cogx to usage. You will like its effect.

If you have decided to solve your issues, buy Cogx from its official website only. Even though it is quite expensive, the supplement is worth this money. Buying Cogx in bulk you are expected to save money. The supplement is not available in Amazon, GNC, CVS, Walmart, Walgreens and other stores.